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1070 Stonechurch Rd E, Hamilton
Thursday March 7, 1981

Having been here numerous times before for take out and the buffet, I was fully prepared for what I was about to eat.  Classic Indian fare at reasonable prices.  I was here on a lunch date this Thursday afternoon, celebrating my 32nd birthday with a girlfriend who shares my love of Indian food and spice, apart from significant others who hate it.  So its always our go to cuisine when it’s just the two of us chowing down.

Immediately after being ushered to our table we are invited to get a plate and partake in the buffet laid out.  A good selection of Indian dishes awaited our devouring.  The vegetable pakoras were really fresh, right out of the deep fryer I’m assuming and weren’t soggy or greasy.  A few of these to start then my plate really just becomes a real mish mash of Indian flavours.  The curried goat was tender, mild in spice and meaty.  The fresh naan bread that is brought out to the table fresh, comes piping hot with some charred black marks straight from the blazing hot clay tandoor oven.  It glistens with oil, which I could do without, but I definitely didn’t take away from the perfect chewy, warm bread used for scooping up all the delicious sauce on my plate.  The chicken biryani was tender and spiced just right and my addition of raita made the perfect sauce.  I loaded one side of my plate with some fresh raw veggies just to cut all that meat and sauce.  The bright red colours all over my plate were quickly licked clean by my naan bread. 

Ok it’s a buffet so round 2 is necessary.  This time another vegetable pakora just for good measure and I had to try the butter chicken which may seem so main stream now, but the mild spice and smooth blend of Indian flavours is never disappointing.  The mutter paneer, with its big hunks of paneer cheese and peas was delicious and all the dishes maintained their heat while sitting in the buffet trays. 

We both skipped dessert, in lieu of our second plate, and lets be honest Indian desserts just don’t hit that sweet indulgent guilty dessert button, so what’s the point. 

Anytime I’ve ever been in the Bombay Grill in Hamilton, its never been busy, but its never been empty either.  Perhaps another 6 patrons in the whole restaurant, which was fine for us gals, who just wanted to chat and eat. 

For $10 this buffet is good for a casual quick lunch that satisfies any Indian flavours you’re craving.  I wouldn’t be bringing a date here (seeing as my husband hates Indian food), cuz its not romantic, funky or modern in any way.  So grab someone unfussy for a quick midweek treat and fill up on naan and yummy Indian eats!

Food: 3.5*, Value: 4.0*, Service: 4.5*, D├ęcor/Ambiance: 3.0*

Overall: 3.75 For a neighbourhood Indian joint, that’s fast, reliable and generally really tasty you can’t go wrong.  Don’t expect any culinary epiphanies or an ambiance that’ll transport you to India.  Go hungry and craving spice and you’ll enjoy it!Bombay Grill Indian on Urbanspoon

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