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41 King St W, Dundas
Friday march 15, 2013

For a gloomy march Friday morning Detour café is the perfect place to feel warm, cozy and delighted by homemade food and perfectly brewed coffee.  Having been here on several occasions, all involving breakfast, brunch or lunch (I have not made it yet for their special prix fixed dinner menus) I knew I was in for a good meal and a perfect meeting spot with a girlfriend.  The place was packed at my 11am arrival, but no line up and one back corner table was free for my taking.  The place was buzzing and smelled of delicious warm java.  Service was attentive and accommodating as I waited for my friend to arrive.  I particularly love the glass bottles of water on each table ready for drinking.  Funny how the vessel something is served in can make it taste more delicious (or sometimes less I guess). 

After eyeing down the lady across from me and her heaping bowl of a latte, I chose one of those to start and warm up.  It came out with a pretty foam milk design on top and it was smooth and velvety in taste.  I do prefer my caffeine in which ever form I may pick for the day to be slightly more piping hot and I should’ve mentioned it when ordering.  They clearly state they heat their milk to 140 degrees which is optimal for taste and integrity of the ingredient, but are more than happy to crank the heat up should you prefer your cup a bit hotter.  Next time I know now. Muy caliente por favour!!!!! The server gave my dining companion a recommendation on his favourite herbal tea at the moment and I thought that was a nice touch.  I always like when my server is interested about the product they serve. 

Our meal came about 10 minutes after our drinks, which was perfect for chatting and catching up.  I ordered the Detour Breakfast Sandwich: house made chive biscuit, fried farm egg, smoked bacon, aged cheddar, arugula and tomato chili jam.  It was divine and perfectly cooked in my opinion.  The chive biscuit was flaky and flavourful, and I was hesitant at first since I have had very dry biscuits from here previously.  But this one was great.  The egg, cheddar and arugula were all very fresh and vibrant.  I had the choice between regular bacon and smoked bacon and went for the latter.  I’ve never had this before and it was delicious.  It tasted more like smoked brisket or the fall apart tender meat you get from famous delis like Schwartz in montreal.  It was meaty and tender and delicious to say the least.  And finally the tomato chili jam which I assume is house made was the perfect little kick and hit of moisture to the sandwich which I gracefully ate with a fork and knife getting each component onto each fork full.  For $6.50 you can’t go wrong with this sandwich except you may want another after it’s so good. 

The bill machine was down but don’t worry they still were able take our money at the counter that day.  And if you’re not full by the end I suggest a little treat to take home.  The fresh rhubarb scones looked incredible, as does their daily assortment of muffins and cookies all laying in the front display case, tempting your taste buds and calling out your name.  I resisted this trip, but regretted not having one of those scones with my 4pm tea that day.  Another thing to remember next time…buy that treat for later. 


Food: 5.0*, Value:  4.5*, Service: 5.0*, Décor/Ambiance: 5.0*

Overall: 4.8 This place never disappoints and I will continue to come back, bring new people to enjoy it with me and hopefully make it here for their dinner service in the near future. 


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