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258 Locke Street South, Hamilton
visited Wednesday April 10,1013

So an extended birthday celebration (from over a month ago) continues for me, with a girlfriend taking me out for my belated b-day gift.  This dreary, rainy April afternoon could only be lightened up by the cheery vibe at 'the Bread Bar' as its more commonly known as.    This was maybe my 6th time at the bread bar and I feel it only gets better every time I come.  It's been almost a year since I've been here and the menu seemed slightly revised and the addition of alcohol to the menu was new too for me.

Our group of 3 was quickly seated at the corner of the bar, which was still good for conversing and chatting with friends and the whole restaurant was completely packed.  Our server was super friendly and gave my friends who were newbies here the run down of the menu and lunch options.  The open sweets and bread display counter was still as tantalizing as before with brownies, cookies, pies, squares and more to test your will power. (We had none this visit!)

The server mentioned they are most known for their pizzas, made with organic flour and that the "Apple & Bacon" pizza was their most popular.  So we ordered that as our app to share and within 5 minutes the pizza was in front of us.  The crust is definitely the highlight of any pizza for me and this version is done just right.  A chewy interior and crusty edge.  The pizza was topped with thinly sliced apples, lots of smoked cheddar, caramelized onions, bechamel sauce instead of tomato sauce as the base and of course bacon.  The bacon was subtle and not overwhelming, which for some might be disappointing, but for me it was just right.  We gobbled it all up and didn't leave a speck on the plate.  Small pizzas that are big enough for one person or great for sharing are around $12.

Next I had the Quinoa Superstar Burger which was a delightful vegetarian option that was filling and extremely satisfying.  The patty was almost an inch thick with a crispy outer crust and a softer interior of quinoa and spices.  The bun it came on was exceptional and I'm assuming house made.  It was closer to an egg bun and was quite buttered and toasted on the face of the bun.  The burger was topped with red pepper aoili, baby arugula and it was secured on the bottom with guacamole.  It was the perfect ratio of bun to burger to toppings.  It was just missing a touch of spice in my opinion so I simply added the house made JC's hot sauce which made it just right. I opted out of the side of fries or salad or soup that could've been added and it was definitely not necessary for the portion of burger.  The mixed green salad that was lightly dressed in oil n vinegar and the large deli pickle that was on the plate, was perfect to pick to at in between enormous bites of the burger. For $9 this was a sure thing!  I was stuffed but....

There's always room for dessert right?! Especially when you're at the bread bar and all the sweets and baked goods are house made.  I decided on the monkey bread since I recently saw this restaurant featured on the Food Networks "You Gotta Eat Here", and this treat was highlighted on the show.  It was a pull apart sweet bread, with lots of eggs and butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and a little drizzle of icing.  It was tasty and quite a large portion, but perhaps after eating pizza dough and a burger bun i shouldn't have chosen another bready item.  I ate it all to say the least, but next time will get one of the gigantic cookies or brownies for a chocolate kick.  Desserts range from $1.85-$4.  Don't go over to the sweets counter unless you are intending to indulge..because after looking you'll most likely get something.  Will power thrown out the window here!

The large hot drink selection is always good here but i forwent one this time around.  My girlfriend got a cafe misto and it tasted delisssssshhhhhh!  And I couldn't leave without buying a loaf of bread to take home.  The honey walnut loaf is incredible, soft interior, crusty exterior and studded with lots of walnuts.  Loaves are generally around the $5 mark, but are worth the excellent craftsmanship. 

Food 5*, Value 4.5*, Service 5*, Decor/Ambiance 5*
Overall 4.8*  This place is amazing for a wide selection of tasty casual local food, with upscale twists and of course the vast array of sweet treats and coffees for visit with friends.  The addition of the alcoholic beverages will make this an excellent place for a nice dinner out that's not too fussy, but super delicious.  I've never made it here for breakfast on the weekend but am excited to try it out soon.  This place is a staple in Hamilton now and hopefully forever!
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