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701 Queenston Rd, Hamilton
vistied Tuesday April 23, 2013

So I thought I'd treat my husband to a quick lunch time treat that he'd been wanting to try for a few weeks.  After almost 25 years, Mothers Pizza Parlour has re-opened, with much anticipation from die hard Hamiltonians who remember this restaurant as a place where many birthday parties were held, good pizza was eaten and memories were made.  My husband included, but me not so much- I was intrigued as to what all the hype was about.

For a Tuesday lunch hour, the place was pretty busy and lots of hungry faces looked satisfied with their pastas, salads and pizzas.  We were quickly seated, but not exactly warmly greeted at the door.  The very large bar menu and lunch menus were handed to us and I must say they were extremely difficult to read.  Someone tried to get all fancy with the fonts and layout and it was just more confusing than cool.  We just wanted to share a pizza and there were no pizzas to be found, except for personal pizzas, on the lunch menu.  We asked the waitress about just ordering a large pizza to split and where we would find that on the menu and she apologized and said that those are only on the dinner menu and quickly brought us one.  Aren't most people coming to a pizza parlour ordering pizza's to share?  She took the drink menu away clearly noting that we probably don't want to get sloshed during our lunch break.  Clearly!!

We settled on creating our own pizza, a large basic pizza of house made sauce & mozzarella with chicken, tomatoes and mushrooms.  The suggested pizzas with fancy names, were really just Hawaiian, Deluxe and Vegetarian.  Nothing special but good for those who don't like anything off the beaten track.  The pizza was made and served within 10-15 minutes. 

I love when they serve big pizzas on pizza pedestals.  The ones here at Mothers are pewter and pretty and elevate the visual experience to pizza parlour fancy.  But it pretty much stops there.  The pizza was good, but nothing I couldn't get at Gino's.  Actually we kept commenting that it tasted exactly like Gino's pizza, which we quite like, but why not just order a Gino's pizza instead.  The topping to sauce to cheese ratio was good.  The crust was super doughy and had a crisp bottom much like Pizza Hut, without the extra grease.  I do enjoy doughy carb laden crusts, but other than that this was just regular old pizza.  A large pizza runs $14 plus $2 per topping.  So for $23 we got a Gino's pizza served on a fancy pedestal and also had to tip.

The rest of the menu included classic pizza parlour fare; Caesar salad, spaghetti & meatballs, nachos?, chicken parm, panzerottis and old fashion root beer floats.  In my opinion all slightly over priced and sort of boring, but for some people they like to go somewhere that has familiar food they are comfortable with.  Not me!

The restaurant didn't bring back any nostalgic feelings for my husband, which i think he was really banking on.  The middle half of the restaurant is somewhat modern and the sides of the restaurant have been replicated back to what the old Mothers used to be.  Red and white checkered booths, those super ugly stained glass-like lamps and old wallpaper.  The tables conveniently had a parmesan cheese and chili flake shaker on them, which saved me time asking the waitress for it.

Food 3*, Value 2.5*, Service 3.5*, Decor/Ambiance 3.5*
Overall: 3.1  If you're looking for simple pizza parlour food then come here.  If you just want a quick pizza go to Gino's instead and pay half the price.  If you're thinking you wanna come here for that old nostalgic feeling you had in 1985 you may or may not find it...that's for you to decide.  Mother's Pizza Parlour & Spaghetti House on Urbanspoon

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