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51 King Street North, Waterloo
visited Friday April 12, 2013

So you might wonder why we went all the way to Waterloo to go to My Thai which clearly has locations much closer to home, here in Hamilton and Ancaster.  Well we were there for my brothers first art exhibit and decided to have dinner in a city we've neverr been to, before going to the show.  It was cold, windy and rainy and we walked much of King street before just being fed up with the horrible weather and wanting to get out of the cold into the warm.  My Thai was conveniently located across from the art exhibit so thats how we ended up here.

I've been to both the Hammer and Anaster locations previously and have never been super excited about My Thai but this visit changed that and I'm not sure why.  Was I just so hungry that anything would taste good?  Was I so cold that I was just happy to be somewhere dry and warm?  Who knows, but I'll definitely give My Thai in my hometown another chance.

We were greeted kindly and seated in the back room of the restaurant that was quite filled, as was the front room.  It took a little bit for the waitress to come take our order after we looked over the menus, but she was clearly super busy and was pleasant.  Later I found out she was the owners sisters just helping out and also 8 months pregnant which she hid very well.  She was instantly forgiven for any slight tardiness.

Our Fresh Spring Rolls came out farily quickly.  Two rolls cut in half served with a sweet and sour sauce.  The rolls were exceptionally fresh, as if they were just rolled.  Rice paper can quickly turn dry and hard if left out too long or mushy and soft if filled with moist ingredients.  This was neither and the roll was light and fresh filled with bean sprouts, carrot, coriander, mint and shredded lettuce. Most apps were in the $5 range, these fresh springs rolls included.

My Tom Yum soup with chicken and mushrooms for $4.50 came out soon after.  It was piping hot and spicy hot too.  There were large pieces of chicken and mushroom but they were thrown rather uneventfully into the tamarind broth at the last minute in my opinion.  They were somewhat besides the point though, since the broth was super flavourful with lime, galangal and lemongrass notes.  It cleared my sinuses and warmed my cold bones and the traditional flavours of Thailand really came through.

At the same time the Papaya Salad was served that we shared.  My husband normally doesn't like anything "salad" related and never anything "papaya" related.  But he ate this up and commented how there were so many flavours in it; in other words it was good.  And I concurred. The julienned un-ripened papaya, chili, tomatoes, green beans and crushed peanuts were dressed in a tamarind-lime vinaigrette served with a few shrimp chips.  Again super fresh and flavourful and Thailands most loved version of a salad for a mere $7.29.

The main course soon followed which again we shared.  We had Lemongrass Chicken; sliced chicken breast marinated in diced lemongrass with cooked green beans, bamboo shoots and red and green peppers.  For $12 it was a large portion good for one or two depending on appetite and other meal accompaniments.  James had a bowl of jasmine steamed rice on the side while I had the Coconut Sticky rice that came in a cute bamboo container lined with banana leaves.  It was perfect to soak up the sauce from the chicken dish.  We were stuffed and the food was all delicious, well prepared and extremely tasty.

For $38 total we had a really satisfying meal.  The service was super friendly, our water glasses always being filled, and the atmosphere was desirable for a nice dinner out.  I can't remember what my previous experiences at the otherr My Thai's were but this one was memorable and has made me love this small franchise, but still family-run restaurant. 

Food 4.5*, Value 5*, Service 5*, Decor/Ambiance 4.5*
Overall 4.75*  Excellent authentic Thai food, amazing prices, easy ambiance and good service.  This place is a reliable source for tasty, fresh food. 
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