Friday, 24 May 2013


What could bring friends together better than a long weekend and amazing weather? CHICKEN WINGS!!! Our group of 10 set out to taste wings from five different wing joints around town. Of course we couldn't get to them all but feel we picked up a good selection. We ate, we rated and we had a lovely evening. We ordered 3lbs per couple to share of course and we all picked our own favourite flavours to sample. Read on to see the best wing!


Great Canadian Wing King
309 Grays Road, Hamilton

This little take out wing & rib joint in downtown Stoney Creek might be easily passed by but definitely make the trip out here for some wings.  I'm starting off by announcing the WINNER of our wing showdown!!! These wings were the biggest of the group (see the picture above, they really stand out), were extremely meaty, had excellent breading and the honey garlic sauce was very garlicky and not too sweet.  Definitely the best value for your money too at $28 for 3lbs.  These wings got the most votes from our group and I rated it 4.5* out of 5 stars.  If you haven't tried this little homegrown joint then I suggest you make it your next wing stop, maybe for their Tuesday special; 1lb for $6.


821 Paramount Drive, Hamilton

I really wanted all small independent wing joints, but we were running out of nearby places to go to so we threw in a big franchise restaurant just for comparison. And surprisingly they're wings took the number 2 spot. We sampled their Hot (not shown) and Jack Daniels BBQ. The Jack Daniels BBQ was excellent, with a bit of smoke a bit of sweet and overall lots of good flavour. These wings were also well breaded, held the sauce very well without being too goopy and had a good meaty texture . They were the second largest wings, but still not as big as The Great Canadian Wing King. Unfortunately they were the most expensive wings at $45 for 32 wings. They charge for 8 or 16 wings oppposed to per pound, but generally 8-10 wings are per pound so this works out to approximately $45 for 3lbs. I rated the Jack Daniels BBQ wings 4.5* and the Hot 4.0*. The Hot was typical in flavour but classic and not dissappointing in any way. I believe they have wing night on Thursday for half price wings but I couldn't find it on their website anywhere. If you have to go to a big franchise resto for wings, try Kelseys Jack Daniels BBQ flavour.


Wild Wings
288 Mud St W, Stoney Creek
Wild Wings restaurants have several locations in the area and are all eat-in and take-out joints.  They offer over 100 different flavours from sauced to 'naked' versions that are dry rubbed with spices and herbs.  The selection is incredible and everyone will find a wing flavour they like from the traditional Mild to Gar Par a ceasar and parmesan flavour to It's All Good a raspberry and golden mustard mash up.  We had the Garlic Garlic which rated 3rd overall in our wing showdown.  It stood out much different from the rest since it wasn't breaded and featured just the crispy wing skin with a very garlicky dry rub with some herb spice to it.  It was unique and delicious and I rated it a 4.0*.  We also had the Daisy Duke flavour which is a combination of BBQ sauce, medium spice and mango chipolte.  I quite enjoyed this and rated it higher than the crowd favourite garlic garlic at 4.5*.  I love the sweet, salty, smoky combo so this was right up my alley.  The last was the Smoky Ranch made with Cattlemans BBQ sauce and drizzled with ranch dressing.  It was quite messy and saucy but unique in flavour.  I'm not a huge ranch fan so was a little biased about this, rating it at 3.0*.  The wings from here were definitely the smallest and looked liked mini wings compared to GCWK.  They weren't super meaty or filling so you might need a big batch for a complete meal.  Wild Wings offers 20% take out orders so for approximately 3lbs it cost $28.  They charge by flavour so 3 flavours of wings (essentially 3lbs) is $31 in restaurant. If you wanna try some unique and interesting flavours this is your wing joint. 


Buffalo Wild Wing
514 Centennial Pkwy North, Stoney Creek

One of the newest additions to the area in the chicken wing game, this restaurant serves traditional sports bar food and specializes in wings of course.  You can choose from 15 different sauces and 5 different dry seasonings that you can combine or have solo.  They also offer boneless white meat wings for those who don't wanna bother with the bone. We had the Spicy Garlic which was tasty but nothing unique on the palate.  We also had the Mango Habanero which was extremely hot and mouth burning.  Those that liked the pleasure pain heat sensation of super spicy food really liked these.  Others had a hard time even smelling them without their eyes watering.  These aren't for the faint of heart and for those that like a good tongue searing these are your wings.  They suprisingly still had flavour and not just heat which was nice, although i had a hard time detecting the mango flavour in them.  These wings are not breaded and have a thick sauce that coats the crispy skin.  They were average sized and ranked in the middle of the pack overall.  I rated the Spicy Garlic 3.0* and the Mango Habanero 3.5*.  It was more on the expensive side as well coming in at $35 for 3lbs.  Tuesdays are discounted wing days here but the website didn't mention how much of a discount.

Red Rockets
1405 UpperOttawa,Hamilton
Probably the most familiar wing joint in Hamilton the Red Rockets wings seemed to be our baseline from which we compared all other wings.  They are a take-out joint only and specialize in ribs as well, although i've never had them.  We got 3lbs for $28.  They keep it pretty classic here with only 9 sauces to choose from none being overly outside of the box.  For good standard wing grub this is your place.  The wings we got were Medium BBQ and Honey Garlic.  Both were well sauced, average in size and standard (but delicious) in flavour.  I rated both these wings at 4.0*.  I quite enjoy the breading on these wings as well.  They have crispy nubs but a soft interior and any party i've ever been at these wings get gobbled up instantly.  I think they ranked in the middle to last with our group more for their familiarity and simpleness, instead of their flavour and overall appeal which is excellent.  If you are a Hamiltonian i suggest you pick yourself up some Red Rockets sooner than later as its a staple in the city!  You won't be disappointed!

Hope you enjoyed my wing showdown comparison and it will inspire you to try somewhere different the next time you're in the mood for wings in Hamilton.  Or have a wing showdown party of your own.  All of our guests really enjoyed an evening of noshing on these bite size morcels of chicken, accompanied by some sides i made of course, and we discussed future showdowns of another kind.... fried chicken perhaps will be our next gorge-fest!

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  1. I love red rocket wings! my new way of getting them is naked! they're so crunchy - like mini fried chicken drumsticks! but i'll have to try Wing King since it's so close to me AND you rated them higher than Red rockets!

    1. Never knew you could order red rockets naked? Thanks for the tip...but ya definitely try GCWK if u can. Let me know what u think. Or I guess ill read about it?!