Wednesday, 3 July 2013


215 Locke Street South
Hamilton, ONThe

visited Tuesday June 25. 2013

A beautiful summer night sent us for a walk down the Upper Paradise stairs across the golf course and to Locke Street, to my favourite pizza joint in the city.  I've been here many a time and was confident and excited that my experience this time would just as fabulous as all the others.  This is the place where my husband and I take out-of-towners, since we know the food is amazing, the atmosphere is just right and the price is spot on.  We've only ever been praised for our great selection in restaurant after coming here.  Tonight was no exception.

We scored a table out on the patio to enjoy watching the Locke Street locals do their thing while enjoying the summer air.  The place was almost to capacity and for a Tuesday night I'd say that's a good sign.  Our server was polite, attentive and sweet, but we needed no introduction or explanation of this almost all pizza menu.  We ordered a salad to split for the first time, since I've heard many good things about their salad.  It came promptly and was worth all the buzz.  The Arugula Salad for $7 is worth every penny.  Simple but fresh this salad boasted a huge plate of peppery arugula, big chunks of shaved parmesean, crispy crumbles of pancetta, toasted pine nuts and a honey balsamic dressing.  All the components were properly proportioned and not over dressed and they were even so nice as to split the plate into two for us, each served with a small focaccia crisp on the side.  Classic Italian ingredients combined just right in my opinion.

Our pizza came out shortly after and they are always a pretty sight to beheld.  The sizes range from Coppia, Famiglia to Festa.  Essentially small, medium, large and they state on the menu how many each pizza serves.  Don't be fooled.... the small pizza is not a personal size and when it says it feeds 2-4 it means it!  The fun part comes when you get to choose which pizza you want and the toppings are divine without being too unfamiliar.  With the Coppia sized pizza you can get the pizza split into two, allowing you to sample two different styles of pizza.  The medium size gets you three different and the largest gets you four different, which makes for great sampling and sharing of a variety of pizzas. 

We choose the Pollo Alla Brace which comes with bbq chicken, red onion, mushrooms, mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  Definitely a crowd pleaser and again the toppings were proportionate to one another.  The second kind we ordered was the Pancetta Dolce with maple bacon, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and asparagus chunks.  A good flavour combination, but this one needed a little spice to kick it up..nothing a few chili flakes can't take care of.  The crust on these pizzas are amazing.  They are similar to focaccia bread, with a chewy doughy center, but a little crisp on the outside.  Its never greasy and it holds the toppings just right (read: no sliding off of all the toppings when you go to pick up a piece!)  For $18 this pizza trumps Mother's by a hundred miles!  And we had a few leftover slices that were great for the next days lunch.  This pizza could easily feed 4 small bellies no problem.

The inside of the restaurant is a converted century old house and has a cool, casual bistro vibe.  You can get pizza by the slice if you're in a hurry or can't eat a whole one and they have some really yummy dessert pizza with nutella and mascarpone cheese if you want a sweet ending.  And I especially love the artwork in this place.  Very creative photo paintings of landmarks around Hamilton. 

If you haven't had NaRoma pizza, you're missing out and if you don't think its the best pizza in the city then you're crazy! LOL.

Food 5*, Service 5*, Value 5*, Ambiance/Décor 5*
Overall: 5.0*  I've never had a bad experience here, and I've always had superb pizza here.  All of my out of town guests can assure you its worth going to and I wouldn't change one thing about this place!  My only wish...that they would have a East Mountain location so I was much closer and could go there suggestion is they use the old Vicars Vice building just down the road from me...please!

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