Monday, 5 August 2013


1000 King Street East
Hamilton, ON
visited Friday Aug 2, 2013

If you haven't gotten on the hormone-free, antibiotic free, grass-fed, local eating bandwagon by now, then you're still living in the 90's!  You need to get on this bandwagon mainly for your own health but also for supporting our local farmers and economy.  Come to Randy's Hamburgers as your first place to start this good habit and you won't be disappointed.  Randy's Hamburgers serves all grass fed beef, that are free of antibiotics and hormones and they come from a local farm only 30 min away.  I have a family connection to this beef actually.  A cousin of mine married into a farming family and this beef comes from her father-in-laws farm.  If any of you don't know the difference between grass fed and grain fed cows....well just google it hahaha...but basically a grass fed cow is how nature intended them to be nourished, plus the grazing and exercise they do all day helps to produce a much tastier product.

throwback pops
Randy's Hamburgers is a small no fuss take out joint in downtown east Hamilton.  Their menu is strictly limited to beef burgers, fries, onion rings and drinks.  Not any old drinks though....Throwback sodas and Hewitt's milk.  Throwback pop like Mountain Dew & Pepsi are extremely hard to come by these days.  These are cans of pop made with real sugar and no artificial they way they used to make them before everyone started getting cancers and allergies and gut problems....k don't get me started.  If you're gonna indulge on a sweet drink like pop then throwback pop is your healthiest option.

4oz grass-fed burger
Naturally my husband and I ordered a 4oz burger each ($6.50), split a small onion ring order ($3.75) and split a throwback mountain dew ($1.25).  The couple that owns and runs the joint shapes and makes every burger fresh to order and they tell you it takes about 15min for you order to be ready since its all prepared fresh.  Waiting for good quality food is always ok in my books.  There are only a couple window bar seats for those wanting to eat in so don't bring a crowd.  It is mainly a take-out joint.  They do have some picnic tables on the side of their building you can use as well.

The hamburgers are as simple and classic as they come but delicious and tasty.  They make ALL their own condiments from scratch which is also rare these days. Homemade ketchup is way better than that bottled crap.  Tomatoes, lettuce, onion, sweet pickles, relish, mayo, mustard and ketchup are you're topping options. The burger patty to bun to topping ratio was perfect.  The egg bun was soft and fresh and of course the grass fed beef patty was beefy tasting.  The meat was moist and not overly seasoned which let its natural flavours shine.

The patty's come in 2.5oz (think Mcdonalds hamburger size), 4oz (this is a 1/4 pounder) and 6oz (big hungry guy portion) sizes.  Don't even think about chicken burgers or hot dogs or veggie burgers here...they don't have em and they probably never will!

The buttermilk battered onion rings were crisp and not too greasy, although a few were on the verge of being burnt.  Probably an extra 5 seconds too long in the fryer, but they were good nonetheless.  Oh and they fry all their rings and fries in beef fat, which equals more flavour and they are supporting a real nose to tail no waste concept by doing this. 

Food 4.5*, Value 4.5*, Service 4.5*, D├ęcor/Ambiance 3.5*
Overall 4.25*  Don't be bringing a romantic date here by any means, but definitely set some time aside to check out this little joint and their small classic menu.  If burgers n fries are what you're craving you might as well get the healthiest option out there and Randy's has it!  In comparison to most franchise burger chains, you are definitely gonna fork over more money.  But if quality is what you're after then this is worth it. 

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  1. I thought they had closed down in late May. Maybe they just went on vacation? I'll have to pop in sometime soon to see if they compare to Chucks.