Tuesday, 27 August 2013


179 Ottawa Street, Hamilton
visited Monday August 26, 2013

I've been eyeing this cute coffee shop for awhile now, everytime I travel down to Ottawa Street to shop for fabric.  I finally made a stop in and boy was it worth it.  I went on a late Monday morning between breakfast and lunch hours and the place was happening.  Several couples sitting already, a few singles enjoying their coffee and the paper and a few people in line ordering.  The décor is soooooooooo cute.  They have a great mix of retro 50's pieces, cozy cottage décor and modern coffee shop style.  The big wood farm table in the front window with a mix of bright yellow wood chairs is adorable, and the modern light fixture above it is really funky.  I love decorating just as much as food and this place is something I would try to copy for my own house.

But onto the food!!!  Unfortunately I was just there for a caffeine fix and mid morning snack, but next time I will make a point of bringing someone down for either breakfast or lunch.  They offer an array of waffles and waffle sandwiches.  Two plain waffles with maple syrup for $3.75, a California Waffle sandwich full order for $8 has bacon, avocado, salsa, tomatoes and jalapeno Havarti.  They also serve half sandwich orders starting at $2.75.  I saw a few plates go out and they looked delicious, plus they offer their waffles in a gluten free version which is great when trying to find somewhere to take your gluten intolerant friends.

Cortado & Caramel Peach Muffin
The service was great.  I didn't have to wait long to order and the server (presumably one of the owners) was super friendly, polite and efficient.  I ordered a Cortado $3 which is the Spanish version of a macchiato.  Essentially a more potent latte, with 2 shots of espresso and 2-3 shots of hot milk.  Its served in a small glass cup and my barista did pretty foam art on top of my drink.  The cortado was rich, deep but not bitter and smoothed out perfectly by the hot milk.  I loved it and much prefer it over a latte now!  The Cannon features all Detour coffee and a nice assortment of teas (which I wasn't able to check out enough to get the name).  Their coffee is prepared in the drip pour method which makes for some lovely entertainment while waiting for your cuppa joe.

And the baked goods display case is super enticing with scones, cookies, muffins and a decadent chocolate cake.  I had to try something and the Caramel Peach Muffin $2.50 came recommended by my server.  The muffin was served on a pretty china plate, just to add more charm to this experience.  The peaches inside were chunky and fresh, the caramel had oozed out the sides and formed a few crispy bits and the muffin was moist. 

I sat at the big communal table at the front and enjoyed my treats and the paper, plus got a little laugh (ok a big laugh all to myself that I hold to in) when the guy across from me finished his waffles and proceeded to pick up his plate and lick all the maple syrup off it while making groaning noises.  I've never seen anyone over 4yrs old do this, but this guy did it shamelessly and his nose was pressed right into the plate.....for realz!!!!! LOL....I guess that's a testament to how delicious it is at The Cannon.

Food 5.0*, Value 5.0*, Service 5.0*, Décor/Ambiance 5.0*
Overall 5.0*:  One of my few perfect scores given, this is obviously another favourite coffee shop of mine in the city now.  The caffeine was superb, the décor is more than perfect and the service is lovely.  I can't wait to come back and try the waffles and bring a friend.  This is another reason to skip Timmies & Starbucks.  Go there now!
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