Monday, 9 September 2013


826 Queenston Rd, Stoney Creek
visited Saturday Sept 7, 2013

This little strip plaza restaurant located in downtown Stoney Creek at Queenston and Centennial is very unassuming from the outside.  But you'll be quickly transported to Thailand upon entering.  We had come here last weekend on a whim to get some quick take out and boy were we impressed.  The food was so tasty, super fresh and prepared in nano seconds it seemed.  We just had to come back for a full sit down experience.

For a Saturday evening it wasn't very busy at all.  We were quickly greeted and allowed to pick our table, then menus and lemon water were promptly served.  I must say it is one of the best Thai inspired décors I have ever seen.  Glitzy gold ornaments, big Buddha statues, dragons, intricately woven linens, beautiful blue and white ceramic dinnerware and even menu's that had character and culture to them.  The environment they've created at Miss Thailand is the perfect backdrop to their delicious Thai food.

Cold Rolls $6.95

Unfortunately the Thai Iced Tea that I wanted to order was unavailable this night but I made due with water. We ordered the Cold Rolls $6.95 for an app to share, that were served in a jiffy.  The presentation was so pretty on a pedestal style platter and in a flower petal formation.  The rolls were light and tasty.  A thin rice paper wrap around carrot, lettuce, cilantro, mango and chicken (or tofu).  The ingredients all seemed fresh and the sweet and sour sauce or peanut satay sauce were lovely for dipping.  We devoured them without talking but it was a good thing  because our entrees came out almost instantaneously after that.

Pad Thai $11.95

I really struggled between choosing a spicy curry dish or the classic pad thai.  For blogging purposes I went with the ever popular Pad Thai $11.95.  Again another beautiful presentation and I've gotta say this is one of the best pad Thai's I think I've ever had. (I'd love to do a Pad Thai showdown and compare the different restaurants one night....future project perhaps?)  Rice noodles with big chunks of chicken and whole shrimp, tofu, green onions, sautéed peanuts, bean sprouts and carrot and that tamarind sauce that makes it a pad thai.  This is one of those dishes that its hard to describe the flavour because of its umami taste. But lets just say its delicious!!!!  The portion was generous and great for sharing which my husband and I did, plus I had enough to take home for lunch the next day. 

Mango Chicken $10.95
My husband ordered the Mango Chicken $10.95 and a bowl of Jasmine Steamed Rice $2.55 on the side.  The dish had juicy pieces of chicken breast, mango, carrot, bell peppers and sweet onions cooked in a thai sweet and sour tamarind sauce.  The few bites I had were good, but I have to say it was quite saucy and I'm not a huge fan of saucy foods.  That's my one caveat with Thai food....I do quite enjoy the flavours but I find a lot of their dishes to be on the saucy side opposed to Vietnamese cuisine which is more clean and less apt to have some sauce floating around the dish.  This is just personal preference of husband devoured the dish with no problem.

So we had one little mishap with our meal.  I found a little piece of a steel wool strand in my pad thai.  Luckily I didn't eat it and I just moved it aside.  It really didn't gross me out or anything.  Clearly they clean their woks and pans with steel wool so that's reassuring, but not so much finding a piece in my food.  The server was very apologetic and I heard her mention it to the cook at the back instantly, and the cook sounded apologetic and wanting to correct the mistake too.  No harm done.

In lieu of my metal shard mishap I was given a complimentary dessert.  Perfect because I've never really tried a Thai dessert before.  I ordered the Pumpkin and Coconut Milk $4.55.  The bowl it was served in had a pretty domed lid for presentation.  It was a hot bowl of sweetened coconut milk with chunks of tender pumpkin  and sesame seeds for garnish on top.  I love those three ingredients and together they tasted amazing, but the dish was way too sweet.  Besides being super full at that point anyway, I could only muster about 4 bites and then the sugar was just too overpowering.  Plus it was a huge bowl that I don't think a single person could ever really finish anyway.  If you decide to get one of their Thai coconut milk desserts (they also have taro & banana versions) I'd suggest sharing it among 4 people.

For $36 we had a filling and delicious meal with leftovers to spare.  Their lunch combos are well worth the price for either sit in or take out.  The one we choose the week prior was the lunch combo for two for $27.95 and it had enough food to feed 4 people hands down!  An absolute must try is the Mango Salad too.  It was my favourite dish during our take out meal.  And I overheard the server mention to another couple that they get most of their produce from the Kins Farmers Market just around the corner in the same plaza, which means their produce is probably always super fresh.

Food 4.0*, Value 5.0*, Service 4.0*, Décor/Ambiance5.0*

Overall 4.5*  You truly feel like you're in an authentic Thai restaurant at Miss Thailand Cuisine.  All the tasty Thai dishes and flavours you'd expect with beautiful presentation and speedy delivery.  This place has good value for your money and I hope more people come check out this unassuming restaurant in the near future. 

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  1. I have never even heard of this place before, it sounds super yummy! I think i will try to go there this weekend! Awesome review

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  3. Can i ask one thing.Please tell me are you provide thai delivery services.

  4. Hi

    I am waiting for your reply. Please let me know are you provide thai delivery services or not.

    1. You will have to call the restaurant for delivery information. I believe they do though.