Friday, 24 January 2014


638 Concession Street, Hamilton
visited Thursday January 23, 2014

Who doesn't love brunch? No there anyone out there who doesn't? How can you not love a feast where you get to consume the combined calories of two meals and chow down on foods that span from chorizo to maple syrup to crab cakes and wash it all down with a cup o' joe? Ok there's one downfall to brunch....waiting all the way to dinner to eat again, right!

Well on this fine wintry cold Thursday my brother and I finally made it to Papa Leo's on Concession street for a filling delicious brunch.  Let's get right to the food!

Papa's Eggs $12
I ordered the Papa's Eggs $12, and the massive plate came out warm and filled to the brim with amazing flavours.  A whole avocado sliced in half and its' natural hollowed out cup filled with chopped chorizo sausage, a perfectly poached egg and a cilantro cheddar sauce.  The avocado was bright green, so clearly it was cut and plated to order and the spicy chorizo that filled it was super flavourful.  I've actually never had chorizo in ground form like this, (usually its always in sausage form), and I quite liked its texture, especially against the soft avocado and poached egg.  The cilantro cheddar sauce was mild and maybe got lost in the bold flavours of the egg yolk and chorizo eventually, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  The sauce wasn't goopy and was clearly house made so that was nice.  The side order of pan fried potatoes was super generous, not greasy and a great egg yolk absorber.  The whole wheat toast was sliced texas style and was toasted and buttered just right.  Papa Leo's took the time to put fresh fruit on the platter that wasn't an after thought too.  The diced pineapple was a perfect sweet compliment to the plate.

Large Buttermilk Pancake $3
We ordered a Large Buttermilk Pancake $3 to split on the side, since we heard they were good.  This pancake was huge, like 8" in diameter huge!  I wouldn't say it was anything to write home about but it was good and did a great job of soaking up the syrup. 

Uptown Crab Cake Benny $13
My brother had the Uptown Crab Cake Benny $13.  Similar to my plate it had two poached eggs atop the crab cakes with pan fried potatoes, chipotle cream and toast.  The crab cakes had a good amount of crab meat, a great exterior crust and were seasoned well. 

The Red Hill Coffee was warm and our mugs were constantly filled.  I loved the piri piri sauce on the table and doused most of my plate in this Portuguese/African hot sauce.  Our server was delightful and she manned the entire restaurant by herself with ease and calm.  I especially liked that they proudly listed the names of local businesses and artisans whom they get their supplies from: Red Hill Coffee Trade, Hewitt's Dairy, Jensen Cheese..... and more.

The décor was clean and simple with some bar height tables, stone work, modern lighting and substantial dinnerware.  The place needs a bit more art, especially along the long charcoal wall behind the bar.  Even their name and logo along there would be nice.  Just a suggestion Papa Leo's!  My uno problemo with this experience was that I was freezing.  The restaurant was sooooooo cold and everytime that door opened a big gust of wind carried through the entire room.  We were seated close to the fireplace and although it was on, I just wanted to go over there and crank it.  I realize it was a blistery cold day and they can't control mother nature, but without a double door enclosure at the front, they should really turn the heat up a bit more.

Food 5.0*, Value 4.5*, Service 5.0*, Décor/Ambiance 4.0*
Overall: 4.6  This all day breakfast and lunch joint is absolutely worth a trip to.  It can accommodate moderate sized groups, couples and families and serves fresh, perfectly cooked food with some nice twists.  If you wanna walk out of brunch feeling satisfied this is your place!  And keep a look out for special dinner services Papa Leo's offers the last Friday of each month.  This is how food should be done!

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